100% High-Quality Handmade Lavvid’s Toupee

With the emergence of artificial intelligence(AI), it seems that every product can carry out mass production. Whether this phenomenon can be true, we temporarily set this question aside. Today, we will focus on why Lavvid’s handmade toupee has a higher quality than other manufacturers.


The first thing that Lavvid considers is the source of the hair. To ensure the health and quality of hair, Lavvid only cooperates with some prestigious manufacturers. When the human hair comes, the employee will carefully inspect and get rid of poor-quality hair.


Taking the making of bleached virgin Remy cuticle hair as an example, the criteria of material to choose the hair which has smaller cuticle and is thinner.


Assorting the Hair:

Different people have different requirements for hair length and curl. Lavvid will assort the hair based on the criteria. Besides, the left hair in this process will throw away to avoid knotting.

Marking the Top and Bottom of the Hair:

Knotting for Lavvid is unacceptable. To ensure the top and bottom of hair have the same direction each strand will mark.



First, Lavvid will use clean water to wash the hair to decontaminate the dirty thing. Second, the hair will color. This level contains two procedures. By the process of oxidation, the melanin in the hair will remove. And the hair will dye in different colors.

Combing Hair:

To make hair soft, the hair will comb in many times. The soft hair will be classified based on Braid ratio, Regular ratio, Full End, Double Drawn. It is worth noting that this process completes by the worker on a plastic plate which fixes many needles. If the worker does not pay attention, it may hurt her hand.

Making Process:

To fit different head types, the worker will use different head molds to make wig caps.


Based on the customer’s requirements, the worker uses suitable hair to tie the required base material. This step in the whole process is the most time-consuming that for skilled worker needs 360 hours.


For the finished product, to meet the demand of style, it will be cut. To make the customer feel better, it will treat with liquid medicine. To meet the criteria of hygiene, it will seal.


The whole process flows in the making wigs covers 260 procedures which I can not list in a single article.