Permanent Makeup

4 Types of Permanent Makeup

Applying temporary makeup day after day can get exhausting and expensive, but this is generally the way most people go about their beauty routine. Recent advances in the beauty industry, such as best microblading Long Island NY, have created permanent makeup that reduces or eliminates the need to reapply makeup every day and remove it every night.

Learn more about four different types of permanent makeup below.


Microblading is an eye-brow procedure that applies semi-permanent pigment to the area for more shapely and defined eyebrows. It’s a relatively painless experience, and it typically only requires touchups once every year or two to maintain the shape and look you want.

Microblading allows customers to get a fully custom eyebrow look, and they can update the shape or shade they want every couple of years to match their desired style.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent makeup: An expert guide to the makeup trend | Be Beautiful India

Eyeliner is a pain to apply everyday, but it does help to emphasize your eyes and make them pop. Permanent eyeliner reduces this daily annoyance with a one to two hour initial treatment that applies pigment just above the lash line. You can choose to have a simple line of pigment, or you can opt to add a winged corner for a more dramatic look.

The results usually last anywhere from one to three years, and touch-ups are needed to maintain the look.

Permanent Lip Tinting

Lip stain can also be annoying, as it’s difficult to find stains that last throughout the day and don’t change the color of your teeth. Permanent lip tinting can add an enhanced color to your lips while also giving them a fuller appearance. The first treatment generally lasts between two and three hours, and it will require touchups every year or so.

Permanent Tightline

A permanent tightline application involves applying pigment just below the lash line to give a more subtle emphasis to a person’s eyes. Like permanent eyeliner, the pigment lasts between one to three years, and you can get occasional touch-ups to keep it looking great. This procedure is best for those who want a subtle enhancement without having to fret about using an eyeliner pencil every morning.

Permanent makeup costs more than makeup that is applied daily, but it can save you time and money in reduced trips to the beauty supply store. Many people who choose permanent makeup feel more confident going makeup free, and like what they see when they look at themselves in the mirror.