Can I Put Sunscreen on a Peeling Tattoo?

Can I Put Sunscreen on a Peeling Tattoo?

If you’ve recently got a tattoo, then you might have asked yourself the question, can I put sunscreen on a peeling tattoo? Protecting a tattoo at its initial phases is essential for it to last a lifetime. Maintaining a tattoo in the early days can often be a hell of a job, especially during summertime. You are required to protect the new tattoo from the harmful sunlight out there. But what will you do if there is a planned beach vacation ahead after getting a tattoo? This is the time you are highly required to protect the tattoo in the best way possible.

You are always recommended to spare some time so that the tattoo gets appropriately healed, and make sure you follow the proper tattoo aftercare instructions. Hence, it is of utmost importance to keep the newly tattooed area out of the sun for a while.

Protect the Tattoo

If you are looking forward to providing utmost care to your tattoo, you need to keep it covered for the first few weeks. Keeping the tattoo covered for 2-3 months will be best. During this time, the tattoo will get automatically healed. Once this healing phase ends, you can use sunscreen on the tattoo before going under the sun. Most dermatologists recommend not to use a sunscreen lotion of the peeling tattoo. So the answer to your question, Can I put sunscreen on a peeling tattoo, is harmful. But once you can wait out the tattoo’s healing period by covering it with clothes and staying inside, you are allowed to use sunscreen to protect it.

Use Quality Sunscreen Lotion

There are different kinds of tattoo sunscreen lotions available in the market, but it’s most advised to go with a professional tattoo sunscreen built solely for customers that aim to use it on their tattoos. Using the proper tattoo sunscreen for can aid to your new tattoo’s health by keeping it protected from the UV rays.

Things to Consider to Take Care of the Tattoo

Once you get a tattoo, you need to cover the tattoo by wearing loose cotton clothes for some days. If you do otherwise, then the direct sunlight can potentially affect your tattoo and the skin in a negative way. Do not proceed to use sunscreens just after getting the tattoo. As it can adversely affect the open wounds on the tattoos. Sunscreen is only perfectly safe and secured to use on a healed tattoo. Apart from sunscreen, there are different kinds of tattoo ointments that you can use.

What Type of Sunscreen Should you go for?

Tattoo Sunscreens are available in different forms such as oils, creams and sprays. We like using Tattoo Sunscreen Sprays so you never miss a spot. Inkeeze is a tattoo aftercare company for tattoo enthusiasts, by tattoo enthusiast – and we’re confident we have developed the best sunblock for a new tattoo.