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Friday, October 22nd, 2021
Christmas Gift Ideas For The Women In Your Life

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Women In Your Life

by November 3, 2020 JEWELRY

It’s that time of the year again! Temperatures are plummeting, scents of pumpkin spice fill the streets, and before you know it – you’ll be humming festive tunes. That also means it’s time to start thinking about tackling your Christmas shopping. Whilst it can be notoriously difficult to find the perfect gift, handmade jewellery is always a reliable option for the ladies in your life.

Jewellery is a thoughtful gift which requires careful consideration before you make your choice. That’s why, to help you get started, we’ve sourced some of the most enchanting pieces available this season!

Christmas gift ideas for the women in your life

Fortunately, Jewel Tree London has you covered when it comes to choosing special gifts for the women on your list. These are our top picks from our boutique for this Christmas.

The love of your life

Christmas Gift

What to get the love of your life that tells her exactly how much she means to you? Consider a necklace with a jewel that will rest by her heart and make her think of you. We love this romantic rose gold pendant necklace which comes with a sensational Labradorite onyx gemstone. If you feel like splashing out – you can even add a coordinating item or two.

Your mum

Christmas Gift

Jewellery is a magical tool of communicating how much you appreciate your mum and all that she continues to do for you. Thankfully, Jewel Tree London offers a customisable collection of handmade jewellery that is perfect for the job! That means you can take your pick of any semi-precious stone and metal, and even have the piece engraved. Whichever piece you choose, you can also pair them with some small stud earrings. You’ll make her day.

Your best friend

Christmas Gift

Perhaps your best friend has dropped some hints already about what she might like this year? If not, rest assured – the Jewel Tree London has a whole plethora of beautiful trinkets that will compliment her unique style. Consider treating your BFF to an elegant gold vermeil ring studded with her birthstone or a gemstone in her favourite colour.

Your Teenage Niece

Christmas Gift

If you have a younger family member to shop for, such as a niece, why not treat her to her first special piece of designer handmade jewellery? After all – she needs to start somewhere! Empower her with a piece garnished with lapis lazuli, such as this gold vermeil ring. This mystical gemstone has been used for centuries thanks to its spiritual properties. It helps the wearer gain clarity, overcome fear, and find her voice. Ideal for your young niece with her forthcoming exams and those big decisions she has to make.

Your Grandma

Christmas Gift

Are you guilty of borrowing your gran’s vintage jewellery over the years? Well, make this Christmas the time that you settle up by gifting her with a special piece. This rose gold pendant necklace is that wonderful blend between contemporary and timeless glamour that she can wear with pride.

Your auntie

Christmas Gift

We all have that rather eccentric auntie who lights up our Christmas dinner! Present her with something that reflects her one-of-a-kind spirit. For example, this unique gold vermeil ring. Its remarkable pattern pays homage to old and new, plus – it’s so intricately carved that she’ll not be able to take her eyes off it all day.

Your co-worker

Christmas Gift

Whether you are surprising your favourite co-worker with a gift or have drawn a name in Secret Santa, handmade jewellery will delight her. Inspired by the evocative Chand Baori step wells of Rajasthan, these small stud earrings have a huge story behind them. Besides, they are a wallet-friendly choice with luxurious quality.

Your neighbour

Christmas Gift

If your kind neighbour has saved your bacon many a time this year by collecting your parcels, watching your home when you took a trip, or emergency childminding – now is the perfect time to say thank you. Reward her with this rose gold pendant necklace as a token of your appreciation.

It’s time to hit the shops

We hope that you’ve managed to take some inspiration from our list of Christmas gift ideas. All pieces featured have coordinating items available and may be purchased online or in-store from Jewel Tree London. Happy shopping – and season’s greetings!