Hairstyles For Long Hair to Try Out

Hairstyles For Long Hair to Try Out

Do you have long hair? If so, congratulations on being blessed with the gift of never having to worry about your hair getting in your way. But if you’re looking for some new hairstyles for long hair to try out, we’ve got just the thing! This blog post will explore ten different easy and stylish ways you can style your locks.

1. Tight Box Braid

This braid is neat and does not take up any volume; it is ideal for women with long hair to try out. It looks impressive but doesn’t take much time or effort. The best thing about this look? You can wear it anywhere at any time without worrying!

To try it, make two simple braids and tighten them around your head close to your scalp, leaving some space between each twist to resemble a crown. Secure this style with bobby pins.

2. Messy French Braid

This style is loved by both teenagers and adults, but if you have long hair, it will look super cool! It’s perfect for a dusty day of shopping or mischief with friends. It’s also great for people who just can’t be bothered to fix their hair every morning before going out. Just make a French braid tightly around your head and secure it with a clear elastic band. Done!

3. Triple Bun Updo

This style is a great way to wear hair up if you have long hair but don’t want the hassle of complex braids or high ponytails that take too much effort. If you need to attend a high-class event or want to look formal and elegant in an instant without too much fuss, try this bun!

To try it, make a low ponytail and split it into three parts. Wrap all the sections around the middle of your head to create a braid, then wrap each end in a bun, securing them in place with pins or grips.

4. Twisted Bird’s Nest Updo

This style is an upgrade to the messy bun! It’s simple but edgy, and it takes little time to create. Ideal if you have long hair which needs a bit of styling but don’t want to spend hours on your hair every morning.

To try it, curl the tips of your hair using a curling wand or tongs. Then twist the curls around each other, so they resemble a bird’s nest. In the end, secure them in place with pins or grips.

5. Curly Crown Braid

This style is perfect for women who have wavy or curly hair because it works well with these types of locks, but you can also recreate this look if your hair is really straight as long as you use a bit of product to give it some texture. To try it, make a low ponytail with the top section of your hair, braid the ponytail tightly, then curl the tips of your braid, so they are loose

Secure them in place by tucking them into your ponytail to create a crown effect! It is also possible to fix this style in place by pinning it in place with grips.

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6. Greek Goddess Braids

If you’re looking for an impressive hairstyle for long hair to try out, this one is perfect! This look is ideal for special occasions like weddings or dinners, and it’s easy to recreate after watching a few tutorials on YouTube. These braids look pretty complicated, but it’s actually very easy to recreate them.

To try this style, make two braids at the back of your head, fix them in place by wrapping them around your head. To secure them without damaging your hair, use bobby pins or grips. For more glamour, add gold embellishments.

7. Fishtail Braid

This style is ideal for creating if you want to look casually elegant, just like the French braid, but it’s good for any occasion because it doesn’t require too much effort to create.

To try this style, start by making a French braid near your scalp and securing the ends with clear elastic bands, so they don’t unravel. Then, split the braid in two and tie them together with a hairband to imitate a fishtail.

8. Twisted Crown Braid

This style is similar to the previous one but slightly simpler, and it doesn’t take as much time to create either! It’s great if you want a simple and glamorous hair look without too much effort.

To try this style, make a low ponytail with the top section of your hair, twist the tips and hold them in place with an elastic band. Twist each end of your ponytail, wrap them into your other twisted part to create a crown, then fix it in place by wrapping an elastic around it. You can also fix the crown in place by inserting bobby pins or grips.

9. Half Bun

This hairstyle is perfect for special occasions that require you to look formal, just like weddings or dinners. This look is also great if you have long hair but don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes styling it!

To try this style, simply gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Then use your hands to lightly twist the ponytail just once, fix it in place by wrapping an elastic around your hair, and secure the ends with bobby pins or grips.

10. Celtic Knot Braid

This is a great look if you’re looking for simple hairstyles for long hair to try out! This hairstyle requires no heat, and it’s perfect for women who can’t use tools on their hair.

To try this style for long hair, make three braids along each side of your head, then tie them together at the back of your head with an elastic band. After that, tie the tips of the braids together in a knot and fasten this section with bobby pins or grips to secure it in place.

Whether it’s a casual updo or an elegant bun, these 10 hairstyles for long hair are perfect options when trying to find something simple yet chic that doesn’t take too much time. So go ahead and give them all a try!