How To Accessorize

Magicians make colorful scarves disappear and reappear with skillful dexterity. Movie stars and celebrities wear Printed head scarves in great style. Tying a headscarf is probably as important to you as making Merlin disappear and reappear. Scarves come in fabrics, colors, and patterns that are as diverse as the imagination, Rectangular bandanas, or scarves for stylish fashion statements.

A scarf used to be used abroad, but now, it’s been a long time since the Indians use it. At first, it was used to protect against the hot and cold atmosphere, pollution, and dust. But now it is completely becoming a fad with wide patterned scarves. A patterned scarf can always make the look more beautiful and beautiful.

This summer, headscarves are once again proving their timelessness as a versatile accessory option. The Printed head scarves has been retains its reputation as a symbol of graceful and feminine power. This trend is one of the few that has kept its vintage vibe while staying perfectly modern at all times, making its return to warm weather.

Silk Scrunchies

There is no denying that hair ties are back and will stay! The trend towards hair ties has continued to grow in recent years and silk hair ties, in particular, are becoming increasingly popular as a luxurious yet well-groomed option for your hair.

If you haven’t upgraded your hair ties to silk hair ties, then you should definitely consider this! silk scrunchi  are made of a strong elastic band to hold your hair in plastic, while the natural silk fabric lies softly on the hair to prevent damage and frizz.

Silk Scrunchies Protect Your Hair

Understanding the protective properties of silk can explain why a scrunchie made from pure mulberry silk should be your hair accessory of choice. Put simply, silk reduces friction. Remember to wake up with a head full of entanglements; in most cases, a poor bedside table cover is the result of damage from the cotton pillowcase; cotton fibers can pull and pull on your hair as you sleep, resulting in hair breakage, knots, and split ends. You have brittle, coarse, or curly hair, which is particularly prone to this type of damage. Instead, your hair glides across the surface of a silk pillowcase with virtually no friction. There is no pulling, tugging, or tearing on delicate hair. Or cotton is a snap!

How Do You Keep Silk Hair Ties Silky?

The thing about silk hair ties is that no matter how beautiful and silky they look when you first buy them, they can get dirty and wrinkled very quickly, that is, if you wash and store them incorrectly. Naturally, here are our top tips to keep your silk hair ties silky and clean:

  • Washing: Use a coin-sized amount of hair shampoo and gently scrub the silk hair ties with your hand and rinse with cold or warm water.
  • Drying: leave to air dry, as they smell musty when stored, they can also leave stains. They shouldn’t be put in a machine as the material is very delicate and you know that something like that disappears in a washer-dryer.
  • Storage: Leave them on doorknobs or in containers with plenty of space to keep the hair elastic in its shape.