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Sunday, September 19th, 2021
How to Make Adjustable Face Masks?

How to Make Adjustable Face Masks?

by May 28, 2021 CLOTHING


The whole world is going through a pandemic namely The COVID-19. There is a huge number of people that have lost their life battles against this deadly virus. Around 3.4 million people have lost their life due to the covid-19. The COVID-19 enters the human body through the mouth opening or the nasal cavities. As per the World Health Organization WHO the only way to protect our lives from the COVID-19 is to follow the SOP’s that include the regular and proper use of face masks and sanitization. It’s very important to properly follow the main SOP of wearing masks in public places because the COVID spreads from one person to another.

Adjustable Face Masks

As per the doctor’s suggestion, it is better to use the basic surgical mask that has the life of one-time usage but protects properly against any sort of virus. But as time is moving forward people want some changes in their back mask styles and qualities. Most of the people are seen to be wearing cloth face masks, silicon masks, and many other types. Many people feel pain while wearing masks for a long time. 4inbandana is a leading marketplace where you can get a very large variety of masks, adjustable face masks, and many more.

The new face masks available in the market are very easy to make. They have around 50-60% virus blockage possibility.  It is totally up to you that how many layers you want in your customized face masks while there are only two layers of cloth in a basic face mask available in the market.

Types of Adjustable Face Masks:

There are  5 options available for making adjustable face masks. All the options are special in their own types.

Button Extender:

This type of mask can be made by measuring out a strip of a rectangular fabric and attach a button to it on an end. Add a strip of fabric around the neck and secure it in place using the created loops on the mask. This 100% customizable option in all aspects.

Tie Back Mask:

tie back mask is the most ideal and comfortable pe of a mask. This mask’s holding is totally up to the wearer. It can be as long as the user wants and as short as it can be depending upon the user’s comfort. This mask is a bonus for all the users that have to wear their masks for long periods.

Beaded Elastic:

This an ideal way for those who like their mask to have the elastic earpiece can be simply customized by adding a bead with a stopper in the elastic. This is a quick and cheaper way to set up your mask according to your ears without spending money.

Loop Slider:

Anything available with adaptive settings is always loved by everyone. By inserting a loop slider into your normal face mask either fabric or a normal surgical mask you can adjust it once worn on your face as per your comfort.

Sew in Loop:

The sew-in loop is a very creative idea for making a custom mask look cool without any hardship. Just you have to sew two loops in the bottom of the face mask and add in freely hanging strings on both earpieces. Once work you can easily adjust it as per the convenience.

How to prepare an Adjustable Face Mask:

To prepare a customized adjustable face mask you will be needing the following items mentioned as under:

  • A piece of tightly woven fabric preferably a cotton piece
  • Adjustable ear loops 2

Now after completing all the requirements let’s move towards the formation of the adjustable face mask. For this we have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Cutting the Fabric

The very first step in the preparation of a face mask is cutting the selected fabric. The face should neither be too much tight or too much loose, but it should be a proper fit. Mark the measurements and the desired shape of your face mask. Cut out the marked places along the marked lines on the fabric. The easiest way to perform this task is to fold your fabric in 2 layers, hold the right sides together and pin the size altogether on the top and start cutting. Cut out both the sides at once. Then follow the same procedures with the other side as well

Step 2: Sewing the cutouts altogether

There are a few steps that are needed to be followed up for perfect sewing of the cutouts. The steps are mentioned as under:

Sewing the exteriors:

Start by sewing the exterior pieces together by placing the two exterior pieces of the mask. Firstly sew the right sides together and pin if desired. Sew the curved with a ¼ seemed allowance.

Sewing the Earpieces:

Now once the face masks main structure is prepared start to sew both the earpieces to the sides of the mask.

Sewing the linen:

Now once the basic face mask structure is prepared, the mask structure and the earpieces are sewed altogether place the mask lining piece in the top. Hold the right sides together and pin around the edges. Before sewing, the linen of the mask makes sure that the edges of the mask properly match each other and are not like one side up or down.

Final stitch:

Now once everything is pinned down and the final touches are done. Sew all around the face mask with the nylon thread leaving one side of the mask open for the turning of the face mask. Turn the face mask out and stitch the opening as well.

Trimming the sides:

Now once everything is done. Sewing is completed for the neat touches trimming is required to be done for the clean and tidy look of the face mask. Reducing the bulky sides without cutting the stitched places.

By following all the above-mentioned steps it is very easy to create your own customized adjustable face mask that would be designed according to your comfort.