Osetra Imperial Gold Caviar Total Information

Osetra Imperial Gold Caviar Total Information

Product description

Imperial’s Golden Osetra Caviar is produced from the classic Caspian Sea bone sturgeon.

Osetra caviar generally varies in color from anywhere between bronze / amber, sometimes even black. The striking golden color of Imperial Ossetra Caviar only makes it an exclusive selection.

It is not only the golden color that distinguishes this caviar, but Imperial Caviar has become known for producing caviar with large, firm pearls. Each pearl will melt individually in your mouth with a nutty flavor and a smooth finish.

Historically, if a Russian Osetra caught in the Caspian Sea exhibited golden pearls, the roes were immediately marked for the Tsar himself!

Imperial Caviar Company – Co-branded Caviar

Ali Reza Korouji of Imperial Caviar has been a friend of Browne Trading and a trusted source for the best caviar in the world for decades, initially sourcing wild caviars from Beluga, Osetra and Sevruga from Iran.

As the world market has changed, Imperial has become a leading producer of caviar in its own right, choosing select members from the stock of farmed sturgeon bred by Kaluga Queen in the 10,000 Great Lakes region of China. Sturgeons are raised in deep-water pens where they thrive in conditions similar to their wild natural habitat.

The caviar is then transported to Germany, where the team of hand-selected Reza caviar professionals produce one of the most striking caviar on the market.

Caviar Classified And Packaged At Browne Trading

All caviar offered by Browne Trading is rated by our caviar master Richard Hall. The classification consists of opening large cans of Caviar, sent by the producer, and evaluating the tone, texture and taste of the caviar.

Did you know that Browne Trading is the only caviar company in the United States to co-brand with caviar producers? This means you can trace the caviar back to the farm where it came from! It also means that our caviar is the best that the producer has to offer, this is natural since it has its name on the label.

(Acipenser Grandstand) Osetra Sturgeon

The Osetra sturgeon (Oscietra, Ossetra, Asetra) is the second best-known caviar-producing sturgeon, after the famous Beluga (Huso huso).

Along with Beluga, Sevruga and Sterlet, Osetra is one of the caviar-producing sturgeons of the Caspian Sea.

A Prehistoric Fish

The Guedenstadii is a member of the sturgeon family (Acipenseridae). An ancient fish that has not changed its appearance in millions of years.

The Osetra is a medium-sized sturgeon (growing up to 300 pounds) compared to the Beluga that can grow up to 2,000 pounds and 20 feet long. Because the Osetra is a smaller fish than the Beluga, its eggs are smaller.

A female Osetra sturgeon can reproduce between the ages of 10-16. An extended period, which explains why the wild populations of this fish have been particularly vulnerable to overfishing.

Wild Ostrich Stock

Due to overfishing and the loss of breeding sites, Osetra’s wild sturgeon population has plummeted. In the past 50 years, wild populations of Osetra have decreased by 90%, placing the species on the critically endangered species list.

Attempts have been made to help repopulate the species. Russia and Iran released millions of ostrich fry into the Caspian Sea in the late 1970s. However, in part due to poaching, wild populations have not recovered.