The Best Reasons To Wear A Chain Of Cat’s Eye

The Best Reasons To Wear A Chain Of Cat’s Eye

One of the most sacred astrological gemstones of the holy Navratna, Cat’s Eye is also known as Vaiduryam and Lehsunia. Ketu, the astrological planet that rules Cat’s Eye, also rules the colors of this gemstone, which include gray, black, honey, yellowish-green, and the widely popular ‘Chatoyancy’ that it has.

WHY Choose a Cat’s Gold Chain?

Chrysoberyls are among the most attractive and powerful gemstones to emerge from the Chrysoberyl family. The benefits of Gold Cat Chain are many, from its astrological properties to its aesthetic appeal. Consider adding a magnificent Gold Cat Chain to your wardrobe for the reasons outlined below!

Benefits of Astrology

Cat’s Eye ranks among the most powerful of all Vedic astrological gemstones. The planet Ketu is associated with the Cat’s Eye, and Vedic astrology recommends wearing it to benefit from its placement in the birth chart. In addition to this benefit, Gold Cat Chains also offer various health benefits, including treating leukemia, paralysis, backache, apoplexy, ring worms, arthritis, gout, hormonal imbalance, and pimples among others.

In addition to this, cat eye lockets are also considered good luck charms in various cultures. You will find a Gold Cat Chain to be an excellent option if you are looking for astrological prowess in a cat’s eye.

Appeal to Aesthetics

Chrysoberyl Gold Cat Chains have a unique aesthetic associated with them. There are several stunning colors of Cat’s Eye that occur naturally, including gray, black, honey, and yellowish-green. Chain made of grey Cats Eye are among the most coveted pieces of jewelry, beloved by jewelers as well as gemstone collectors!

As well as exhibiting the ‘Chatoyancy’ (also known as the Milk and Honey Effect), the Cat’s Eye gemstone Chain also exhibits a silky green cloth of light that flickers across its surface. This effect gives the gemstone the appearance of a genuine Cat’s Eye, hence the name.  The Cat’s Eye stone Chain matches many different styles and can also be worn as a beautiful addition to your look. The bracelet will enhance your natural beauty and enhance your appearance no matter what outfit you choose to wear.

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Gempundit Experience

The Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl Chain can be purchased from a variety of stores at the present time. A vendor would never boast a Chain selection as lavish yet pocket-friendly as GemPundit! Gems for our Cat’s Eye jewelry can be found in Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Tanzania, and East Africa. A wide range of quality testing and certification is provided by the world’s leading gemstone laboratories such as GRS, GRS, GJSPC, ITLGJ, AGR, JBN, and GEMTRUE.

With the help of our experienced expert karigars, every piece of jewelry we create is made from the finest of raw materials such as gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals. You will never need to look elsewhere for a Gold Cat Chain with polish and finishing as fine as GemPundit!

Furthermore, GemPundit offers their customers the opportunity to create their own custom jewelry. We have already done a number of gemstone chains, but if you have any design ideas, let us know! It will be rendered perfectly by our CAD experts! Now you can custom order jewelry from our website!

A 24×7 Customer Service team at GemPundit has years of experience and training in providing excellent customer service. Throughout the entire process, our experienced staff will guide you to resolve any questions or concerns you may have. Find the perfect Gold Cat Chain for you in our collection!