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Sunday, September 19th, 2021
The Origin of Your Favourite Accessory – Handbags

The Origin of Your Favourite Accessory – Handbags

by July 30, 2021 Fashion

A handbag is also known as a purse. It is a bag that is used to carry personal items.

A small bag that generally carries some coins is known as a “purse.” A “handbag for girls” is a much larger bag used to hold objects such as money and some personal items. The term handbag was used first in the early 1900s. Earlier it was often used to refer to men’s hand luggage. The Women’s bags that we see today were much larger and more complex during this period of the early 1900s.

Origin of Handbags

The Early modern Europeans usually wore purses for one sole purpose, which is to carry coins. Purses were generally made up of soft materials such as leather. Handbags arose in the early 17th century. This was basically due to the fact that young girls were taught embroidery as a necessary skill for marriage. This led to the evolution of a handbag because this helped them to make handbags of various designs. This became quite popular in the late 18th century. The fashion industry in Europe was also changing. Then there came an era where people loved slender-shaped items. They were now inspired by the silhouettes of Ancient Greece and Rome.

After that, the Women wanted handbags that were not bulky as well as untidy. This is how the reticules were designed. Reticules were made of very fine materials such as silk and velvet. These kinds of handbags also had wrist straps. They first became very popular in France and then in Britain. They were later known as the indispensables.

How Handbags for Girls Became Famous

One of the first designers that have created the concept of handbags for girls was created by Giuliana Camerino in 1945. The handbags made by the company were very popular and instantly recognizable because they had artisan-made hardware as well as a very distinctive use of fabrics formerly reserved for clothing. The new designs that she makes as handbags for girls also include patterned bags with a trellis of R’s, woven leather bags in 1957. In 1964, she also designed a type of handbag that had a unique articulated frame.

The 1990s saw the explosive growth of the ” handbags for girls” market in fashion. A large number of designers that we’re available in the market competed to produce a single and a very easily recognizable design that would be quite famous among the consumers. They also saw that if the companies cleverly marketed any kind of bag and if the fashion press endorses the bags or are seen carried by a celebrity, this would become a season’s hit. They will consider the bag as a must-have bag, and this design would be selling in large numbers.

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The more successful bags among a large number of individuals were the designs that were created during this time were the Paddingtons, the Motorcycle, and the Alexa. At this time, it was seen that the Must-have handbags for girls were often targeted by a lot of criminals in that era, and a lot of them were also stolen. This was done to sell them at a quite low price to the people who just wanted a fashionable, original bag without paying full retail. This itself shows the popularity of this kind of handbag as a commodity.

Types of Handbags

In the fashion industry, handbags for girls can be categorized according to the bag’s silhouette and the type of handle it has. There are a large variety of handbags, and they are generally categorized according to their style and utility as a product. Various types of handbags for girls are

Baguette: it is a type of small, narrow as well as rectangular-shaped purse. It usually resembles a French loaf of bread.

Barrel: these types of handbags are usually shaped like a barrel or closed tube. They generally have shoulder-length straps on them.

Bowling bag: these types of bags became very popular in the 1990s. They are known as retro-style bags. Younger women usually use them. They were used to carry bowling balls.

Bucket bag: it is a round-shaped bag. They can also be shaped like a bucket. They are generally medium to large. They also have a shoulder strap in them and a drawstring closure.

Clutch: it is a handbag that doesn’t have handles or straps in them. They are generally rectangular. Due to the unavailability of handles, it has quite another set of customer base who don’t need handles on their handbags.

It is an indispensable part of the fashion industry. It has quite a long history, and it has been adored by both men and women starting from ancient times till now. Their styles have changed, but their functionality has remained the same through these years. It was quite a successful product in the fashion market when its popularity and utility are considered. A large number of celebrities and members of royal families use them as a part of their signature style. This product has gone through many phases of a timeline and designs but has been successful in quite all periods.