Dress Shirts

The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Dress Shirts


There’s not much room to innovate when it comes to men’s dressings. Every one knows that they have limited options available from which they have to make their best possible choice. The important here, however is, that people do not pay much heed to the things that need attention.

Even with scarcity in choices, there are numerous different options that people can explore about. For example, a dress shirt can play a huge role in making or breaking your personality. A good taste in the men’s shirt category can help you uplift your look and grab the attention of the audience. You can find out more about the best men’s business shirts in Australia by visiting out website.

What Is A Dress Shirt?

It is important to understand that there are a number of different shirts variety for men. So, make sure you make the right choice for the right event. A dress shirt is a long sleeves shirt with a collar. The main purpose of a dress shirt is to carry a tie and a jacket/coat on the top. Yes, they can be worn without this combination too. People did consider short sleeves too, in the past, but they are no longer in the talking.

Dress Shirt Fitness

Be it any piece of cloth to be worn, the fitness of that cloth is extremely important. And by fitness, I mean all over, the neck, stomach, chest, etc. Do not buy a big shirt thinking that you have a growing age and you can use it for several years down the lane. A loose unfitted shirt would make you look shaggy and unappealing. On the other hand, you need to also make sure that the shirt is not too fitted. A very closely fitted shirt would make you look awkward and uneasy. You will not be able to enjoy and feel yourself in either of the occasions. So, make sure you have just the perfect fit.

Dress Shirt Color

Colors rule the game. When you go to a formal or even an informal event, the first thing you’ll notice in a person’s clothing are probably the color combination they have worn. White is considered to be the universal color that goes well with any given color contrast. The problem with white, however, is that it gets dirty way too soon. So, one must keep alternative options open. Make sure you make a nice contrast with the jacket and tie to round off a decent appearance.

Dress Shirt Pattern

The question that people ask with dress patterns is, if it is really that necessary? Well, to be honest, the best dress shirt is that with no pattern whatsoever. A solid dress shirt gives a very nice appearance and gives you a chance to innovate in other fields, pocket square, tie, etc. But, if interested, people can try out a variety of different patterns too. From striped designs to checkered, you can try out various combinations in some casual outing with friends. The fabric of the color also plays a huge role overall.