Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Why You Should Buy A Classic Engagement Ring

When two people connect, fall in love, and decide that they want to dedicate their lives to one another, they may be thinking about taking things to the next level (aka marriage), but before that happens, the engagement comes first. Engagements are generally a significant milestone in a couple’s life; it’s an expression to world, as well as one another, that they are combined by love and plan on making a life- long commitment to one another, in the near future.

Engagements are exciting; some couples choose to celebrate with a party, some prefer to keep the occasion quiet and intimate but regardless of how you choose to celebrate one thing’s for sure, the ring! Almost every couple will want a special purchase involved, and the classic engagement ring is a sure right winner, its classy, it’s stylish, and it’s versatile… here’s why we think you should stick with the classics when it comes to engagement ring shopping,

Elegantly Unique

When it comes to elegance, you cannot go wrong with classic engagements rings; it’s a combination of elegance and uniqueness combined into one. If you want to add Royal status to the occasion, then this timeless classic piece of jewellery oozes finesse. It’s intricate, the diamond or stone can be enhanced with detailing, and the overall finish of these designs attribute to class.


Classic rings are often favoured due to their versatility. With this particular type of ring there are options available, you may wish to have a special piece customised so that the size of the diamond (or stone), the design, and the overall finish is totally unique and something which had your very own input in the design. You can have a classic ring that represents any era from modern times to vintage.

Easy On The Bank Account…

Engagement rings are often pricey and take a toll on your budget, however, if you want all of the style and beauty of an exquisite piece, but without the hefty price tag attached, then the classic engagement ring is the affordable option. It’s hard to believe that these rings are so affordable, but because classic rings use optimal amounts of metal and stone, it can help to reduce the overall cost. On a side note, that optimum amount of precious metal on your finger can look beautifully alluring, in all its glory, and will certainly never go unnoticed. Note/ If buyers choose to customise their piece of classic jewellery, this may reflect the price, depending on how much of area is being customised and with what they intend to add on to it.

So now that we’ve briefly gone over the low down of how wonderfully appealing, special and cost-effective, the classic engagement ring is it seems like a no brainer to go for this design. Of course, classic doesn’t have to be set in stone; couples can choose to design, customise, engrave, add on, take away bits… Do whatever they want to a ring that they like, turning into something they Love.