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Friday, December 3rd, 2021
The Usefulness of Blue Light Filter Eye Glasses– Fiction or Debunking Fact

The Usefulness of Blue Light Filter Eye Glasses– Fiction or Debunking Fact

by February 22, 2021 Fashion

What is Blue Light? Is it Harmful?

Blue light is a shortwave blue colour light in the spectrum of light visible to the human eye. The most common misconception that people have about blue light is that it only exists in electronics gadgets with a screen.

There are a lot of ways of getting blue light, even without any digital component involved. Any light source has the potential of radiating blue light waves, whether it is the sun or a mere light bulb.

Research has shown a range in the blue portion of the electromagnetic spectrum; the most damage occurs around 440nm. The negative consequences caused by exposure to blue light for a long time are straining of eyes, eye irritation caused by dryness or watery eyes.

This harmful bright, short-wavelength, and bluish light is emitted by modern gadgets like mobile phones, TVs, laptops, tablets, etc. A significant part of our body that gets affected is our eyes.

Recent studies showed that blue light affects our eyes and sabotage our sleep schedule by messing with our circadian rhythm, making one realize when to fall asleep and wakeup.

As the current age is highly dependent on electronics, we cannot refrain from spending a single day without using gadgets that emit blue light. The only way to protect your eyes is by using blue light blocking glasses.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses; Explanation

Blue light blocking glasses or blue light filter glasses are the eyeglasses that are specifically crafted to filter out or block blue rays entirely emitted from light sources, especially the digital screen.

Recent research results and reviews of other people who have used blue light filter glasses show that most people responded that the glasses have made working in front of a screen for long hours easier and irritation-free.

Their responses clearly stated that their eyes were less strained by wearing blue light glasses than while looking at a screen with naked eyes.

Some Good Blue Light Blocking Glasses That you Should Know

Choosing the right glasses for your face type and need can be very challenging. The glasses should not be heavy as to feel like a burden while you are working and at the same time should shield your eyes.

It has become a lot easier to get stylish, high-quality, and well-built blue light blocking glasses. Vision Direct online optical centre offers a wide range of carefully crafted glasses that can tend to all your glasses and lens needs.

Our Recommendation for Blue Light Blocking Glasses:

Arise Collective Mark Blue Light C1 YC-21067:

These glasses are well built and have a sturdy and stylish body made from clear plastic. This frame is in trend nowadays. Not just this particular model, all the Arise collective are made with excellent quality material and portray superior craftsmanship. Arise collective also offers a two-year warranty on all its products.

Tom Ford FT5546-B Blue-Light Block 001:

FT5546-B Blue-Light Block 001 are top-notch blue light blocking glasses that Tom Ford offers. These glasses have a black frame and deliver a sleek and competent look perfect for women who work in the office.

These glasses are also very affordable and feel very lightweight and easy to wear for a more extended period of time.

Gunnar RPG Razer Blue-Light Block RZR-30001:

When it comes to glasses, Gunnar is a well-known eyewear industry. They have an extensive range of glasses that are in style. These glasses have a full-rim rectangular body. These glasses are a perfect fit for men to wear during office hours and when free.

The Usefulness of Blue Light Filter Eye Glasses– Fiction or Debunking Fact