Valentine_s Day Gifts_ What to buy and how to Save

Valentine_s Day Gifts_ What to buy and how to Save

At the Jewel Tree London, we are hopeless romantics who relish the opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day and lavish our loved ones with gifts. At the same time, we are also great fans of helping our customers spend frugally and save money.

As the most romantic day of the year draws closer, check out our Valentine’s Day shopping guide before you hit the shops. We’re rounded up what you should buy and, equally importantly, how to save money.


Of all the Valentine’s Day gifts, jewellery is the fairest of all, whether that’s for women or men. Unlike the other typical options for Valentine’s Day, your jewellery purchase will last a lifetime. You can even choose to personalise your choice of jewellery to make it even more special with 35% off offer– this is something that Jewel Tree excels in.

Meanwhile, our Jewel Tree Gift Cards are the ideal alternative if you want to give your loved one the autonomy to choose their own piece. This is a thoughtful choice if your partner has a distinct style. Once you’ve handed the card over you can turn it into a shared experience by browsing the collections and picking out a piece together.

How to Save

  • Even the best designer jewellery shops have special offers and discounts from time to time. Keep a close eye on the website homepage and follow social media blasts for your chance to scoop a saving.
  • As our Jewel Tree Gift Cards are virtual, you needn’t worry about paying for and scheduling a postal delivery. You can simply set the delivery date to the 14th February and it will arrive day electronically. Our minimum load per card is a happily affordable £20 although you can spend as much as you wish.


Flowers are always going to put a smile on your recipient’s face – whether you turn up with a bouquet or have one delivered as a surprise! A beautiful bunch of flowers is a great addition to your main gift. You can also give preserved flowers as a gift, which will leave a lasting impression on someone’s heart.

How to Save

  • Rather than ordering via the large online corporations, make an enquiry at your local florist. This way you can discuss exactly what flowers you would like to send and you will save money without paying the commission to the website. It’s more sustainable too.
  • Bunches of the traditional long-stemmed red roses can be more expensive around Valentine’s Day. In that case, why not buy your partner their favourite flowers instead – or pick out a type of flower that reminds you of them?

Experience Gifts

An alternative option is to treat your other half to an experience that you can share together. Spa days, theatre tickets, wine tastings and outdoor activities are just some of the options you can consider.

How to Save

  • Book your experience further away from Valentine’s Day itself. You’ll often find that additional fees are added around the holiday itself.
  • If the experience you want to choose is too expensive then turn your experience gift into a DIY venture. Buy a sample of wines and run your own tasting, plan a road trip or stream the ballet from your front room.

Money-Saving Tips

In terms of how to save money this Valentine’s Day, these are our general tips on how to stretch your money as far as possible.

Agree on a Budget

Sometimes it pays to be frank with your other half about how much you will spend on your Valentine’s Day gifts to one another. Agreeing on a budget streamlines your shopping experience and prevents overspending.

Free Shipping

If you are shopping online this year then take advantage of free shipping deals. Many businesses offer free delivery once you pass a certain threshold. For example, at Jewel Tree we provide a free service on all orders above £95.

Remember that the longer you leave it to make your purchase, the higher the delivery charge will be.

Sign Up to Newsletters

If your loved one has her heart set on a particular brand, then sign up for their newsletters. This is a nifty way to find special subscriber-only deals on the best designer jewellery and luxury perfumes.

Earn Cashback

Sign up to cashback sites which enable you to claw back some of the pounds you spend when you make purchases online.