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Thursday, October 21st, 2021

5 Ways to Give your Classic Women’s Leather Jacket a Modern Look

by March 4, 2020 Fashion Style

There’s a lot of information on women’s leather jackets and how the classics are timeless and are in no way age-specific. However many women who either already have a classic leather jacket or have invested in one only recently, aren’t sure as to how a classic leather jacket can be worn without looking dated.

It’s totally fine if your personal style is inclined towards a classic, retro feel. All the better for you. However, if you’re looking to give your classic women’s leather jacket a modern look, check out the simple and easy to do ways that you will enjoy.

Go for Contemporary Accessories

Accessories are the finishing touch to any look in women’s fashion. Giving your classic leather jacket some contemporary accessories can totally achieve that modern finish. Try going for a handbag, backpack or intricate, subtle jewellery. Hats and eyewear are some other cool ways to give classic women’s leather jackets a modern twist. Whether you go for awesome shades or even cool, goofy frames and hats in your favourite style, shape or design.

Catch the Eye

Modern Tops that Catch the Eye

Going for tops and different apparel pieces that carry a contemporary vibe will give you and your classic leather jacket a top-notch modern feel. Whether you go for colours, prints or cuts that are trending or even certain shapes and silhouettes that help transform your classic leather jacket into a hip modern style statement. If you’re more of a ‘basics’ kind of girl then the next point will interest you more.

Brilliant Idea

Basics are a Brilliant Idea

Often times, more than all the most current style staples, one is best off with the basics. Whether it is a basic white or neutral palette or something that is clean-cut and minimal. Sometimes it’s best to go with the simple and basic to avoid seeming ‘too’ modern or overdone. This point is best linked to the timelessness of the basic white tee or even the classic women’s leather jacket that is truly ageless.

Step out in Trendy Footwear

That’s right, footwear can do wonders to a woman’s overall look and going for some trendy shoes will instantly give you a modern look with your classic leather jacket on your back. Whether it is boots, heels, flats, sneakers or any other type of shoe, you will see how hip and modern you look in your classic leather jacket simply with some help with the right pick of shoes.

over All Else

Face Value over All Else

While the above may offer some pretty good ways to modernizing your classic women’s leather jacket, there’s a lot to be said about your face. One of the most important aspects to achieving a contemporary look is by keeping your makeup to the minimum and hair fun, fresh and fancy free. Sounds too good to be true? Try it and see. Something as simple as a muted or ‘no-makeup’ made-up face and hair that isn’t too done up could be the best and easiest way to achieving that cool contemporary look even when sporting a classic women’s leather jacket.

Signing-off Stylishly

So before you go, a recap of the five easy yet effective ways to achieving a modern look while sporting a classic women’s leather jacket are minimal makeup, fun; undone hairstyles, contemporary accessories whatever they maybe, jewellery, handbags, eyewear or hats. Footwear that gives you an instant modern vibe, colours or prints that highlight fresh and modern style, or the exact opposite; muted or neutral colour palettes that work well with minimalist temperaments.