Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Your Reading Glasses Clean

Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Your Reading Glasses Clean

When you invest in a pair of reading glasses, you should definitely learn how to keep them clean. By understanding how to maintain your frames and lenses, you’ll not only ensure that your look is complete, but also that your reading glasses will last. If you’re not quite sure how to clean your glasses, or if you’ve recently damaged your glasses by cleaning them in a way that scratched the lenses or bent the frames, this one’s for you. Buckle in and read the following guide to keeping your reading glasses clean.

Seven Tips For Cleaning Your Reading Glasses

  1. Purchase Quality Reading Glasses

Investing in a pair of reading glasses that are made with quality materials will make cleaning them much easier, as they will respond better to cleaning supplies and there will be less of a risk of the lenses or frames breaking during the cleaning process. As you search for a durable pair, pay close attention to the types of materials used in both the lenses and frames—from the hinges to the finish. Knowing what types of materials the company uses will also ensure that your reading glasses neither rust nor chip away with time.

  1. Buy A Protective Case

Purchasing a protective case is one of the most important ways to keep your reading glasses from getting dirty when they’re not on your face. Rather than keeping your glasses in your pocket, purse, or glove compartment in your car—where they’re exposed to dirt, grime, and dust—always store them in a hard case that protects them from not only getting dirty but damaged as well. Some companies will even give you a complimentary protective case or pouch with every purchase, which is always an added bonus to look out for!

  1. Pack A Microfiber Cloth

Inside of your protective case, you should always keep a microfiber cloth to regularly wipe your frames and lenses. Every single time you place your reading glasses on your face or put them back inside their case, you should wipe any dust or grease away from the lenses and frames. This will reduce build-up, which will become more and more difficult to remove later on. It will also remove smears from your lenses, which will prevent you from seeing well.

  1. Keep Multiple Pairs Around

Consider buying different pairs of reading glasses for various activities in your life. When you go to work or school, you can wear a pair of glasses that allow you to not only write and read but look professional; when you go to the gym or the park, you can wear another pair that protects your eyes from the sunlight and also offers you a sportier look. By owning separate pairs, you will reduce the amount of dirt and grime coming into contact with each of them, making them even easier to clean.

How To Buy Your First Set of Reading Glasses

  1. Use Warm Water Only

The best way to clean your reading glasses is to use warm water in a sink basin. Hot water may damage the lenses or frames, as they may be covered in a finish or coating. On the other hand, cold water may not be able to break down the build-up that’s on your lenses and frames. You’ll want to rinse them thoroughly before adding lotion-free soap, and then gently wipe them with a cotton swab and rinse thoroughly again. Make sure they’re fully dry before placing them back into a protective case or pouch to avoid mold.

  1. Maintain A Routine

Once you develop a cleaning routine—following the tips above—it’s important to incorporate it into your daily and weekly schedule. Before putting on your glasses and after taking them off, wipe them down with your microfiber cloth. When you come home from a long day, wash them thoroughly in the sink. And, whenever possible, wear different pairs of reading glasses for each occasion, so that your professional glasses don’t ever get as dirty as your exercise glasses. Last but not least, always store your glasses in their protective cases with the microfiber cloth.

  1. Get Professional Cleaning & Maintenance, When Needed

There may come a time when you are unable to clean your reading glasses because the build-up is caked onto the lenses or frames. You may also find that your frames become scratched or are starting to come apart. While you should be able to avoid this by investing in quality reading glasses, you should also be ready to visit a reading glass specialist to conduct deep cleaning and maintenance tasks every so often You’ll know when it’s time for a deep clean — just be sure to know someone locally who you trust to inspect, fix, and clean your glasses.

Buy A Pair of Durable Reading Glasses Today

Now that you know how to keep your reading glasses clean, it’s time to invest in a few quality pairs to carry with you daily—one for workorschool, one for outdoors, and one for relaxing at home. When you make your purchases, go ahead and add protective cases to your order as well as some extra microfiber cloths – these tend to get lost just as easily as pesky socks in the dryer. In some cases, companies will provide these free of charge—but you should always check. Keeping up with your is easy when you develop a cleaning routine.