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Friday, December 3rd, 2021
DIY Ways To Clean Your Air Conditioner

DIY Ways To Clean Your Air Conditioner

by November 5, 2019 More

According to the company of aircon installation Singapore, regular aircon servicing/cleaning is immensely important to keep your air conditioning system work in great condition. So, save your money and avoid hiring an expert for aircon servicing/ cleaning. In this post, we are sharing simple DIY ways to clean your air conditioner. These ways save your aircon repair cost and make your AC to work more efficiently!

DIY – Simple Ways To Clean Your Air Conditioner:

Let’s take a look!

Turn the Power Off:

Well, there is no need to touch any components of AC while the power is on, so you ought to power off the unit before you begin! You have to turn off the breaker box inside your house, and right after you ought to look for an outside shut-off box on the exterior condenser/compressor.

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Clean Around Unit:

As aircon Installation Company in Singapore reveal that proper cleaning is necessary around the AC unit as it makes proper airflow. Additionally, you ought to rake away debris, dust, or dirt around the area of an AC unit. During winter, you have to cover the unit using a piece of plastic or plywood; there is a need to leave the sides unobstructed to avoid corrosion and moisture buildup. This way prevents future debris from falling in an AC unit.

Clear Exterior Unit of Debris:

The company of air conditioner service Singapore suggested that you ought to take off the cage of the fan from the exterior AC unit, and right after, remove the fasteners using s screwdriver. There is a need to lift the fan grill or cage off the top of the compressor. Right after, you ought to clean away dirt, dust particles, leaves with hand or by hand.

Wash The Fins:

According to aircon servicing Singapore, you ought to use a strong stream from a garden hose to wash the fins. You can easily blast out the dirt by spraying through them from the inside. There is no need to use a pressure washer as this may damage the fins.

Straighten The Fins:

You can utilize a simple knife to straighten any bent fins. Aircon installation Singapore company reveal that fins will improve your AC unit efficiency as the bent fins can cause a reduction in air-flow. Be careful while straightening the bent fins, don’t to apply excessive pressure; otherwise, it can damage the tubing embedded within the fins.

Level Condenser:

You ought to check that the condenser is level and also replace the unit’s fan cage. According to The engineer of aircon servicing Singapore company, an un-level condenser can cause the AC compressor to fail. If required, then you ought to utilize rot-resistant shims to bring it back to level. For common causes of condenser issues please click here.

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Clean the Evaporator Coil:

Back inside your home, you can find out the inside blower/furnace unit and right after look at the evaporator coil door. Then, you ought to open the door and get a soft brush to dust off the coil. Right after, you ought to spray the coil using a no-rinse coil cleaner. At the time, you can see that foam from the cleaner will start dripping into the drain pan. You can use soap, water, and bleach to clean the drain pan. Then, you ought to pour a single cup of 50% bleach, 50% of water to down the drain. If the bleach solution doesn’t drain readily, then you ought to unclog the evaporator drain before heading onto the very next step. Please check here on how to clean drain of your aircon unit.

Change The Filter:

You ought to replace the evaporator coil door and also re-seal with duct tape (if required). Aircon servicing Singapore company reveals that the AC filter is the most important part of the cleaning process. You have to change or clean it properly to increase the efficiency of your AC. You ought to open the door to the filter using a screwdriver to turn the latch and remove the old filter. If your AC filters beyond wash, then you ought to install the new one. Finally, close and latch the door. And, turn the power back on!

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