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Sunday, September 19th, 2021
Here’s Why You Should Choose Reusable Bags Over Plastic Bags

Here’s Why You Should Choose Reusable Bags Over Plastic Bags

by October 31, 2019 Shopping

Plastic bags are causing harm to our planet due to its non-biodegradable properties.  The use of oil and natural gas to manufacture plastic bags requires much more usage of fossil fuels. By opting for a reusable bag, you are reducing the number of resources used in the making of plastic bags and with this, you’re also reducing the amount of money which the community is spending on its clean up. Plastic bags don’t get disposed of and end up by clogging waterways and which takes much money to clean up. According to the reports, a state spends millions of money to remove plastic bags from the streets and for sending them to the landfill each year. For this reason, people are now choosing reusable bags.

The advantage of the reusable bags is that they get repaired easily, and composted when not in use. If you start using reusable produce bags, you are saving all the money that is being wasted on manufacturing and handling plastic bags.  There are plenty of benefits of using a reusable bag and listed below are some of the most common benefits of using them in your day-to-day routine:

Using reusable bags over plastic bags is a smart choice as it can save your money and protect the environment from damage. In several areas, stores have also started to impose an extra charge for plastic bags. You can take your own reusable bag to the store and can save your money from being wasted on the plastic bag on each purchase.

  • Save Space In Your House

For every item, you buy you get a plastic bag that takes up a lot of space and gets the clutter in your household, car, and workspace. Just think, when you are out for shopping, and you take back at least 5 grocery bags in a week to your home, that result out to 260 bags in a year. Those 260 plastic bags will clutter in your kitchen, pantry, and your car, and you will not get enough space to keep other important things.

If you switch to reusable bags, then you don’t have to collect them in bulk. If your reusable bag fabric is good then, you can use it throughout the year. Also, reusable bags can fold up and take up less space than plastic bags.

  • Durability And Reliability

Unlike the plastic bag you receive from a shop, reusable bags are much more durable and can carry enough items at a time. You can fill items in the cotton reusable bags up to the brim, and its durability will prevent it from ripping or tearing on the way. Also, there is no need to use double bagging for heavier items while using a cotton reusable bag. Cotton bags are also much reliable so you can use them for multiple purposes like a grocery bag, beach bags, and sometimes as a purse. There are infinite uses of just single reusable bags.

Some Things To Consider Before Buying Reusable Bags

There are plenty of options available for reusable produce bags in the market, but here are some few things that you must consider:

  • Homemade V/S Purchased

The homemade reusable bag is preferred by those who know how to make it. With this, they have an option to choose the exact size bag according to their needs. If you want a bag that lasts longer then you can prefer an overlock machine as it generally produces a better and long duration bag than a regular sewing machine. Above all, to make a homemade bag, you must know how to access a machine, and know-how to sew it. If you don’t know how to sew bags, then you can buy reusable produce bags from the market at affordable prices.


  • Use Second-Hand Fabrics

To make reusable bags, you can prefer second-hand fabric which is the best option to make reusable produce bags. The reusable bags that you find in the market are sometimes made up of second-hand fabric which includes old bedsheets, net curtains, tablecloths, etc.  Before you choose any fabric to make a bag, make sure that it is machine washable and can also go through a hot wash

  • Choose The Correct Fabric Type

Different fabrics don’t have the same properties, but from all of them, mesh bags are proven to be best. They are lightweight and see-through bags, but you cannot use them for flour and fine powders. Cotton mesh bags are made from natural fiber and can be used to carry out the weight of heavy items.

You’ll feel much better once you stop using plastic bags. The mesh bags seem to be ideal for produce bags, as they are desirable for any use. Make a smarter choice and reduce plastic waste in the environment by using cotton mesh produce bags. Use the reusable bags and help to minimize every danger to the environment that a single-use plastic bag is causing.