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Friday, October 22nd, 2021
How To Prepare A Good Wedding

How To Prepare A Good Wedding

by April 16, 2020 Fashion

A few days ago, the circle of friends was screened by a small fresh wedding with a small but warm appearance from colleagues. Even some singles were moved to tears.

Life needs a sense of ceremonies, especially weddings. Some people say that if a man loves you or not, a wedding will know. But for the troublesome post-90s, everything is simple.

There is a metaphor that the wedding is probably like the last gorgeous fireworks before the fireworks. What do you think about the wedding “life event”?

The banquet is so boring, let’s go travel.

Orange is the kind of girl who walks with wind. The moment she decided to fall in love, she began planning her wedding. Originally wanted to engage in a rock style, coupled with a handsome big Harley, or a romantic wedding in the water that sounds very romantic. But when she was about to get married, she didn’t want to toss like this.

When she thought of greeting two friends and relatives, and posting wedding invitations, she had a big head. She and Lao Zhengyi loved photography and travel, so the two hit it off and went to Europe on a tripod for a month.

When Orange wore a Chinese-style cheongsam, and her husband left a new wedding mark in a foreign country, he surprised the entire circle of friends.

Post-90s do not take the usual path. Of course, the matter of weddings must be listened to.

Sorry, I owe you a wedding.

Liang Zi and Mai Zi were naked at the time. At that time Liangzi was a poor boy with no room and no car, but Maizi was determined to marry him. The two stole the hukou book from their home and quietly received the marriage certificate. No wedding dresses and wedding shoes, not even a pair of glitter shoes

After getting the red book, the young couple took their hands and ate the hot pot. When Ryoko pulled out a pair of simple wedding rings, Mai Zi cried instantly, “I will love you in my life, and I will use this to change big diamond rings in the future.” Make up a wedding for you, bring your parents, friends and family.Prepare for mom a mother of the bride dress

The two lived in the basement together, and were also driven out by the landlord. Later, Ryoko slowly had his own career and his life got better every day. But that year did not hold a wedding, nor took a wedding photo, but it became a knot in the heart of Ryoko. Every time he said he had time to make up, Mai Zi said, “Oh, how free, my son is so old.” Even if the living conditions are poor, they are very happy. They work hard during the day, eat together at night, take a walk, and then put on their sexy nighties to hug and sleep

Mai Zi didn’t have much interest in the big diamond ring, but it was the pair of simple wedding rings that he couldn’t put it down, because it was Liang Zi who worked secretly in that year and bought it for half a year.

Two months later, it was their 5th anniversary. Ryoko said he was prepared to give his wife a belated surprise.

Wedding “daydream”, I’ll do it for you.

Hao Xin and Lin Xin are considered a star couple in the wedding circle. They have a say in the wedding. Both are famous local wedding hosts. They have seen many love stories, and their own love is also a story. As a rare two-person host, the two of them have a tacit understanding and love, and have experienced many ups and downs along the way.

After hosting thousands of weddings, Lin Xin especially wanted to hold weddings for lovers who truly love each other but have never had a sense of ceremony. She said: “The wedding host is a witness to the beautiful people. I want those beautiful loves that have no conditions for the wedding to be seen by people.”

In fact, what women want is not a grand wedding, but a grand marriage. Lin Xin and Hao Xin support each other’s love exactly this way, they want to witness the happiness of more new people.

Pick a day to marry you, and the rest will be used to love you. For a woman, at the moment of becoming a bride, perhaps happiness will overflow. And this is just the beginning of happiness. Next, they will walk together hand in hand, even if there are occasional wind and rain.

The big day of marriage means something extraordinary, and of course it is up to you to decide how to organize your wedding. And there are many memorable moments in life, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival moon appreciation, such as family reunion, such as friends meeting …

Life is very long, I want to choose to stand next to the one I love and protect TA for a lifetime. Wuliangol, accompany you to witness the right choice.