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Friday, December 3rd, 2021
What Statement Does Your Favorite Statement Necklace Make?

What Statement Does Your Favorite Statement Necklace Make?

by September 9, 2021 JEWELRY

A statement necklace can transform a simple outfit and turn heads in the process. Paired with options from a button-up blouse to a sexy v-neckline, statement necklaces give a glimpse into the wearer’s personality that clothes and accessories only get to hint at. But have you ever looked at your favorite statement piece and asked, “What is your unique statement?” After all, you should want to understand what you’re telling the world with your go-to jewelry, ensuring it’s the image you want to project to the rest of the world.

Lengthy Necklaces: A Lot of Space to Sparkle


With a long necklace made of your favorite materials, the eye-catching glimmer of gems and gold slips down your torso, lengthening your frame and guiding onlookers’ gaze down your body. Someone turning to these pieces loves to stand in the spotlight, where they can take full advantage of their natural shine. You can wear something simple, with a single color scheme or neutral ensemble, and instantly upgrade it with something so dazzling.

Gemstone Necklaces: An Extra Touch of Intention


When gemstones are incorporated into a luxury piece, their inherent spiritual nature becomes a bit more subtle. A high-class crystal necklace can lean into the metaphysical properties behind the included stones without the blatant transcendental imagery you’d find with more witchy-style pendants. Whether it’showlite, rose quartz, or agate, a gemstone necklace offers an elegant take on crystal healing.

Vintage Necklaces: A Piece Ripe With Nostalgia


A piece doesn’t have to come from decades past to showcase a taste of vintage flare. Those who turn to materials and styles that call to the past, like this carefully crafted collar, are sure to be old souls, longing for a deeper connection to lifetimes long since gone by. You might not be able to wear a poodle skirt as your everyday look, but you can have a retro touch with a statement piece.

Colorful Necklaces: An Outgoing Bold Soul


Some statement pieces shout their personality from the rooftops, showing vivid colors that you can’t miss. However, those who turn to jewelry like this are just as bright and ultimately unforgettable. In the case of this Masie statement necklace, these fashion-forward jewelry-wearers are compassionate, too—this particular piece benefits The Refuge Ranch, a space working to support survivors of domestic minor sex trafficking.

Natural Necklaces: A Down-to-Earth Personality


Your necklace might be made of natural crystals, organic textiles, or terrestrial materials like black granite. The wearer is remarkably balanced with these pieces, taking each day with a careful combination of caution and confidence. Of course, you might like to daydream from time to time, or you may be a hopeless romantic at heart. But, you’re ultimately practical and rational, ready to make a connection from the piece around your neck.

Seashore Necklaces: An Extroverted Socialite


Research shows that those who prefer the beach over destinations like a mountainside are more likely to have outgoing personalities. In a similar vein, those who reach for a statement piece with accents of abalone or oyster shells turn to the same sort of sentiment with their seaside statements, embracing an oceanside social life.

When you clasp your favorite statement necklace around your neck, you’re doing more than adding a striking accent to an already impressive outfit. But, of course, if that were your only goal, you might add a handbag or other accessories. Statement jewelry, though, is an undeniable expression of its wearer’s personality. Whether it’s a distinctive pendant necklace, a particular material, or a cause behind a specific piece, your jewelry’s statement is one that tells whomever you interact with just what to expect.


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