Why You Should Buy Closure Wigs, Water Wave Hair, And Deep Wave.

Why You Should Buy Closure Wigs, Water Wave Hair, And Deep Wave.

Wigs are perfect for those people who want to try various hairstyles and hair shades without changing their original hair at all. There are many advantages of wearing human hair wigs it hides the hair thinning if you’re facing hair loss problem which could be because of many reasons. Wearing a wig is very convenient not only does this save time and money but with wigs, you can get a natural hairstyle, and best of all it protects the natural hair from the damage caused by the heat styling tools. With wigs, you have an access to unlimited styles. Nowadays in the market, many different kinds of wigs are available. In this article, we will tell you about three kinds of wigs their advantages, and where you can buy the best quality of these wigs so continue reading.

Closure Wigs

Closure wigs normally come in 4×4 or 5X5 sizes. These closure wigs come in three main styles that are a free part, a middle part, and three parts. You can easily tell from their names how you can style them. With three-part you can part your hair in three ways with the middle part you can only part from the middle which gives you only one styling option. The free part is the best as you can style your hair however you want with this part. There are many benefits of buying closure wigs some of them are listed below.

 Benefits Of Buying Closure Weeks

  1. Easy to install.

These closure wigs are glueless which makes them very easy to install and so prevents the wearer from getting allergic reaction if they are allergic to glues and adhesives.

  1. Long-lasting.

Compared to other kinds of wigs closure wigs are more long-lasting if you take care of them properly.

  1. Protects the natural hair.

Closure wigs protect the natural hair from the damage caused by the hot styling tools and hair dye.

Water Wave Hair

Water wave hair is a special kind of wig that gets its name based on how similar its characteristics are to the water. This wig is extremely smooth and flows just like the water. Its texture is similar to the waves on the water surface. It generally has large curls which creates a natural look and makes the wearer look more elegant and classy.

 Benefits Of Buying Water Wave Here

  1. It is very easy to maintain since the hair is very smooth so grooming the water wave hair takes very less time.
  2. Compared to other wigs the life span of a water wave hair is longer. Especially if it is made from real human hair the longer you install it the better it will look.
  3. As it is made from real human hair it looks very natural on the wearer. It creates the illusion that the person is not wearing a wig.

These are some of the benefits out of many you will get if you buy a water wave hair. If you want to buy the best quality of water wave hair we recommend you to buy it from the luvmehair store, as they not only have the best quality of water wave hair in the market but also have a huge variety too.

Making A 5x5 Lace Closure Wig Using Brazilian Deep Wave Hair ft Tinashe Hair - YouTube

Deep Wave 

A deep wave is a type of wig that is of high density it is very full, bouncy, and soft. Normally the deep wave curl pattern is very close to the Jerry curl pattern. When compared with the body wave, loss wave, or natural wave the deep wave here have a tighter curl.

How To Take Care Of Deep Wave

As you have invested your money into the deep wave you should also know how to take care of it properly so that it can last longer. Here are some of the tips that you should follow to make your deep wave long-lasting

1. Washing the Deep Wave

Before washing your deep wave it is best recommended to comb it properly this is done to make sure that the strands are free-flowing and they’re not tangled with each other this will prevent the hair from breaking. While washing put the water in a downward motion towards your hair. Run your finger through the hair it will help to remove the conditioner.

2. Use Conditioner

Use a moisture-rich conditioner it will make the hair smoother but avoid putting too much conditioner in the roots as it will make them oily.

3. Dyeing and Bleaching

If you want to dye or bleach your deep wave we commend you to go to a professional and not do it by yourself at home because if you do it by yourself and you are not careful enough then you will just ruin your deep wave.

If you follow all these steps your deep wave will last longer.


After reading this article I’m sure now you know the advantages of all these three types of wigs. The closure wigs are very easy to install and can be styled in a variety of ways. The water wave hair is smooth and flows like water and looks very natural on the wearer. Whereas the deep waves are fuller and curly.  Now which wig you should buy depends on your needs but all three types of wigs can be bought from the luvmehair store as they sell the best quality of wigs in the market.