Shower Decoration Tips

Shower Decoration Tips

Breathtaking Baby Shower Decoration Tips: Simple Step-By-Step Guide

Hosting a baby shower is a perfect way to celebrate the introduction of a new member to your family. Most baby showers are hosted by the female acquaintances of the mother to be, mainly sisters and friends. As far as decoration for the event is concerned, there are a variety of options. To organize an event such as a baby shower, all you need is some creativity and an affordable outdoor party venues. In this article, we will explore easy ways to decorate your baby shower and make it a memorable one. Let’s break it down.

The Venue

Before you move ahead with your preparations for the baby shower, you should decide on the venue. Depending upon the space you have, you can plan the décor. Sometimes, the baby shower is held at the mother-to-be’s place, for convenience. But this can be invasive and is not nearly as much fun as a professional downtown San Diego event venues. If you are charged with planning the baby shower, it is a good idea to discuss it with the mother of the new arrival. Also, consider the role you would like the father to play, so he knows whether to be on hand. If you are planning the shower at a hotel or a restaurant, remember that there are certain limitations for the décor and the arrangement of the room. To make the event truly your own, you will want a local small event space.

The Color and Theme

Now that we have discussed the venue, let’s talk over the color as well as the theme of your event.  The theme of your baby shower helps you plan your décor, and ties everything together. The theme you choose is totally up to you. However, some of the more popular baby shower themes on social media are circus, zoo animals and Hollywood movies. These themes are perfect for adding the right amount of light heartedness that you would expect at a baby shower. If you have a hard time deciding on the theme, you can simply go for a dominant color. Keep the color theme gender-specific or neutral. If you know the gender of the baby, then of course the typical colors to use are blue if it is a boy, and pink if it’s a girl. But why not break with tradition and have a combination of these two colors, plus other colors? It will make for a lively visual presentation.

The Décor

The Outdoor Décor

It’s a no-brainer to put extra effort into decorating the room where the event will take place. It is better to start with the outside. Nowadays, most baby shower organizers invest ample time into decorating the outdoors of the shower venue. In doing so, you make sure the guests get the party vibes, and feel the atmosphere, as soon as they reach the venue. The entrance to the baby shower venue should have something like an “Anna’s baby shower” banner with bunches of helium balloons on each side. If you have a professional event space, look into the options of having a display just outside of the room entrance.

Guestbook and Gifts Table

Once inside, it is a great idea to have two things immediately upon entrance. Number one, a table for the gifts, and number two a table for the guest directory. The guest directory is where the attendees will write their best wishes for the mommy and her baby. A relatively bigger table should be for the guests to place their gifts, as soon as they walk in. Both the tables should be nicely covered with beautiful table cloths. For a modern twist, use a big baby stroller instead to hold all the gifts.

Wall and Ceiling Décor

Equally important is the wall and ceiling décor. When decorating the walls and ceilings, streamers and hangings can transform the look of the room. Party streamers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and are available at your local party stores. You can even incorporate a customized party flag, made out of colored fabric. Another interesting option would be to pin baby clothing accessories to the sides of the walls. You can use baby mobiles, hearts or stars hanging from the ceiling. If you are planning a zoo theme for the baby shower, you can attach pictures of baby animals to the walls.

The Center Table

Let’s face it; whether it is a baby shower or a wedding, food is always the biggest draw. The center table is where the food will be. Make sure it is big enough to seat all the guests comfortably. In a buffet style, place the cakes, pastries and other items on the table. Instead of using multiple plates and dishes, you can use multi-tiered platters to arrange muffins, donuts, and puff pastries. Beside the food, set fancy candles to use the extra space. The color and design of the candles should be in perfect accordance with the theme of the baby shower. As far as the beverages are concerned, try to replace hard liquor with margaritas and juices. To add extra flavor to the baby shower, serve the beverages in baby bottles. And for the buffet, make sure not to skimp on the necessary condiments such as ketchup, sauces, and mayo.

Mom’s Throne

At the baby shower, the most special person is the expectant mother. To make her feel special, and to make this event a memorable one for her, seat her on an elegantly designed chair. The chair should be comfortable and covered with soft satin fabric. Attach white roses on the sides of the chair to make “mom’s throne” the center of attention.

The Diaper Cake

What good is a baby shower without a cake? At a baby shower, the “cake” is actually an artfully constructed tower of baby diapers. Before you take a bite, remember that these are real diapers and not edible ones. However, they can surely come in handy when the baby shows up. If your budget allows, you can buy creatively designed diaper cakes online, but they are costly. With slight smart thinking, you can make a diaper cake of your own. All you need is a large pack of diapers, some rubber bands, and some glue. To add to the beauty of the cake, include ribbon bows.


Regardless of your cultural background, a baby’s arrival is special, and therefore, must be celebrated. If you want your baby shower to be a memorable one, use the steps mentioned above as a helpful guide. And check out the best event space rentals around you to pick the perfect spot.

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