Durable Metal Zippers by ZIpperShipper.com are Your Best Option

Durable Metal Zippers by ZIpperShipper.com are Your Best Option

Metal zippers, based on their name alone, are zippers featuring binding edges made up of individual metal pieces molded into shape before these are set on the zipper tape at regular intervals.

The metal zippers by ZipperShipper.com are often made from aluminum, brass, and nickel. Since metal zippers are relatively durable, these are frequently used in work clothes, jeans, heavy-duty garments, and heavy luggage. Metal zippers are known to handle tough washing and high strength.

Zippers made from metal are known as the longest-standing type of workable zippers. Gideon Sundback invented these zippers while trying to improve the Clasp Locker of Whitcomb Judson which was markedly made up of the hook and eye shoe fastener.

Metal Zippers at a Glance

Metal zippers are made up of two protruding rows of metal teeth. These metal teeth can be made from aluminum, nickel, and brass intended to be interlocking similar to clasped hands for linking the rows. It resulted in what Elias Howe would have called continuous clothing closure.

It is made possible since metal zippers are typically fitted with a slider characteristically made of metal. The slider is manually operated and based on the specific directions of the movement, these two rows of protruding metal teeth will separate or interlock. This allows the zipper to fully or partially fasten depending on what the user intends or prefers.

Metal zippers are ideally used on thick and heavyweight materials including leather, denim, and other types of heavy-duty fabrics. These metal zippers are regularly seen and used in denim jackets and trousers, leather outfits, heavy luggage, bags, and shoes.

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You can also find these metal zippers in various designs depending on the specific intended use such as open-ended designs, two-way close-ended, and two-way open-ended just to name a few. These types of designs are best achieved by sewing one tip of the zipper then sewing the two ends together or letting the two ends just fall apart.

What sets these metal zippers apart from other zippers made from plastic is that they are stronger and are also notably more durable. There is only one drawback to metal zippers is that they tend to break and fail at one point or another. If this happens, the bag or garment where they are used might become completely futile and useless.

Many metal zippers can also break when the insertion pin tears become loose from the zipper tape when one metal tooth or more teeth fall off the tape or when the slider has broken off or jammed. The only way for the zipper to become useful all over again is to replace it completely or repair it if possible.

Types of Metal Zippers

There are some types of metal zippers available in the market right now, and these are the following:

  • Double side teeth metal zipper
  • Air and watertight metal zipper
  • Closed-end metal zipper
  • Open-end metal zipper
  • Two-way open-end metal zipper
  • Reversible slider
  • Two-way closed-end metal zipper