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Friday, October 22nd, 2021
How Drag Queens Deal with The Quarantine

How Drag Queens Deal with The Quarantine

by December 29, 2020 Lifestyle

With most establishments like cabarets, nightclubs, and bars not being able to operate because of the restrictions imposed on these establishments in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not the easiest thing for drag queens. Used to being socially active, drag queens are struggling to cope with being inside all day after being.

All planned events came to a halt, and those who are often wearing drag clothing are now just stuck in their homes wearing casual. While they can still do drag at home, it’s nothing compared to the real thing and the appeal and the thrill it brings.

It’s not easy living a drag lifestyle in 2020, but here are some of the ways that they try to cope.

Going Virtual

With the quarantine and all the canceled events, drag queens were put out of the limelight, but not for long though. While they were able to survive without shows for a while, time went by and they have realized the potential of holding shows virtually through the internet.

Virtual shows have allowed the queens to have a source of income this quarantine with paid online shows, but it’s more than that. It’s about the lifestyle. Queens are queens, they like to reign and express themselves, and they can’t just do that by doing nothing stuck inside their rooms. It’s because they can do it inside their rooms and perform online.

Drag is a lifestyle; it’s a haven for queer people to be free in expressing themselves in extreme ways, may it be with the exaggerated clothing, the shows, or the social lifestyle. While it’s certainly a better time for the LGBTQ+ community, living the drag lifestyle is the way for these people to express themselves in the fullest way possible, which they might not be able to do in everyday situations. Because of virtual drag activities, the queens can live life the way they want, like themselves, reigning as queens.

The Occasional Show

Some drag queens are just lucky. 2020 is already at an end, and the COVID-19 pandemic is slowly getting better, and some areas have relaxed quarantine protocols already, allowing different kinds of establishments to physically operate again.

Due to this, nightclubs and theaters have started to open themselves up to patrons again, albeit with restrictions. However, even with these restrictions, it’s still better than nothing; and queens living in areas that are now recovering from COVID are now able to do a few shows. It allows them to get a taste of the lifestyle they enjoy and to earn money for paying the bills.

Making a Difference

2020 has been a big year for humanity with the pandemic, the problems about racism and human rights, and other social problems. And with most shows and projects canceled, the queens are left with a lot of time to do stuff.

Being representatives of the queer community, the queens have taken advantage of this by using their platform and abilities to make a difference. They did this by speaking out online and talking about the issues that plague them, promoting not only LGBT rights but human rights as well; they did this well with the help of their ability to connect with people that they earned in years as performers.

Exploring Fashion

If there’s one thing that drag queens probably like the most, it’s expressing their feminine side with exaggerated clothing such as high heels, drag queen dresses, costumes, and the like. Being tucked inside at home unable to express themselves, queens have found the quarantine as an opportunity to explore fashion even more.

With most queens, they have a collection of drag clothing and costumes, and the downtime in shows has allowed them to explore within their wardrobes, trying out new looks and trying new and daring outfits. These people know how to dress, and they have found some impressive outfits.

Also, while exploring their wardrobe is fine for some, testing the waters online is also another way that drag queens are exploring fashion. With the internet, there are so many choices when you want to buy something. There are online clothing and costume stores, and while they may not be designed for the queens, these drag queens know how to play with clothes even if they are not for drag.

While they won’t be able to wear these outfits outside, but there are other ways. With social media being such a big thing nowadays, drag queens can still explore fashion and express it through social media.

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