Sunny Sunflower Save the Dates Everyone will Love

Sunny Sunflower Save the Dates Everyone will Love

A Fun Way To Publicize A Significant Life Event

The sending of save the dates cards is among the latest trends in the realm of wedding planning. This could cause some concerns couples might have. The process of sending out these cards could be a bit confusing for couples asking who to send the cards to, what details is required, as well as what time to mail the cards. Save dates are the primary step to inform your guests about the important event. Their primary purpose is to allow guests to write the date of your wedding on their calendars and organize their calendars. Although save the date cards aren’t a must however, they are usually highly appreciated. There is no need an event planner in order to correctly send out your save the dates wedding cards guests.


Are you thinking about planning your wedding to fall/summer and want some ideas for your wedding with sunflowers? The beautiful sunflowers are a great wedding theme. There are a myriad of beautiful sunflower wedding ideas, including thirty hand-picked ideas for autumn. These unique ideas are a great source for Sunflower save the dates and bouquets, centerpiece designs, archway wedding decor as well as wedding favors and many more! Basic Invite’s sunflower save the dates are a go-to for your next big event, with so many different designs to choose from and unlimited customisation options. Sunflower save the dates are not only a unique method to ensure that your friends have your event on their calendars, but they’re also a fun way to publicize a significant life event. You’ll have a more peaceful milestone for you and your guests if you let your family know ahead of time.

Are Save the Date Cards Always a Good Idea?

It’s not required to distribute save the dates for your wedding reception, however there are certain situations that it’s optimal. If a large portion of your guests are traveling to your wedding Save the date cards are a good idea. If your wedding is in the middle of the time of a holiday, it’s an excellent idea to make use of save the date cards. Other instances where sending out save the dates cards is recommended is if the wedding is in another country , or if your wedding will take place in a city that is a major one.


Who to Send Save the Date Cards To

Simply put, you should you should send save the date cards only to the guests you are planning to invite to your wedding. Don’t give save the dates to anyone not going to be present at the ceremony. This is crucial as your guests will need to note their calendars with the wedding date to ensure that they don’t plan anything on the day.

When to Send Save the Date Cards

Most of the time save the dates cards should be delivered at least four to six months prior to the wedding. If you’re planning a wedding with a destination, it is best to mail them out prior to the wedding, which is a year ahead in the event that you are able to. The more notice as is possible will allow to plan any travel arrangements, or even days off work for the big day.

What Information to Include

Save the Date cards are not invitations to a wedding Therefore, you don’t need to include everything that you typically would in the invitations the invitations themselves. The information you have to include is restricted to your name as well as the date of your wedding, as well as the town, city and state where the wedding is scheduled to be held. It is not necessary to list the venue in this moment, but you can keep that information in the wedding invitation. If your wedding has a site make sure you include it as soon as you can.


It is also crucial to note this is a brand new concept, and many guests could not have received them previously. This is why it’s best to include a message on the card that makes guests know that this is not an invitation. One option is “invitation to follow” neatly located at the bottom on the card.

Formal or Informal

There isn’t a strict rule of thumb regarding the formality or informality of your wedding save the dates cards should look. One good rule of thumb is to keep to the style and theme that you want to convey at your wedding. If your wedding is expected be formal in nature, then go ahead and create your save the dates according to the style of your wedding. If you’re planning an informal wedding, cute save the dates that can be just as effective even if the wedding is informal. As you are happy with the design and design of your cards there is nothing incorrect.

Save the Date Design Options

The designs for save the date cards truly don’t limit you. When you are prepared to be distributed, a lot of couples have already chosen the layout and design for their invites. If you have an already-planned design or theme in mind you can use that theme to ensure continuity. Many couples would like to connect their plans by utilizing a common color scheme, theme and style throughout the planning process.

Save the Date cards don’t have for “postcards” as many people believe. Couples can be extremely imaginative in letting visitors know the date and location of their wedding will be. The most popular formats for saving the date cards are posters, magnets and calendars, emails, and even coffee cups.


Personalizing and Customizing the Save the Dates

When you are planning your wedding, each element should reflect the aesthetics of your wedding whether it’s sunny beach vibes or urban dreaming — but be a reflection of you as well as your partner. You have chosen to live your whole lives together. Your bond is unlike any other , and that should be the case to the Save the Dates. When it comes to personalizing Your Save the Dates, we’ve made it easier than before. Fill in your individual information in the fields provided — and , as your wedding, every Save the Date design is distinct, so the fields can be different as well. You can personalize the reverses of the Save the Dates by adding a an individual message, or add additional images, or leave it blank for the attention to be solely on the front design. The envelopes will be addressed and personalized with each guest’s address for mailing and your preferred return address.