Skip the Gold: 8 Unique Wedding Ring Materials You Haven’t Considered

Skip the Gold: 8 Unique Wedding Ring Materials You Haven’t Considered

Look, gold is great. It’s not called the titanium standard — it’s the gold standard. That being said, though, picking the first gold ring you see is a lot like walking into the ice cream shop and asking for a vanilla scoop. Sure, you won’t be disappointed by it, but don’t you want to try some other flavors? For legal reasons, we have to remind you not to taste your wedding rings, no matter how interesting the material looks.

What to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Ring Material

What Does Your Everyday Life Look Like?

Are you active? Do you spend most of your day at a desk? How likely is your ring to get damaged? Yeah, a dinosaur bone wedding band is sick, but it’ll suit office life better than the trades. If you live an average life where your ring isn’t likely to get damaged, you have more options to choose from.

What Colors Complement Your Skin Tone

This is another great starting point. Depending on your skin tone (and the undertones of your skin as well), certain materials and colors will look better than others. If you aren’t sure what colors will complement you, start by figuring out your color palette.

How Much Time Are You Willing to Commit to Caring for Your Ring?

Some materials are hard-wearing and only look cooler with some age and a bit of weathering. Others are more fragile and need some extra care and attention. If you don’t have the time (or don’t want to make the time) to clean your ring often, that isn’t a dealbreaker. Look for materials that are going to be durable and budget for one or two professional cleanings per year for maximum longevity.

Unique Wedding Ring Materials

1. Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber rings are gaining popularity as of late. Want to feel like a human Audi? Slap a carbon fiber ring on your finger and vroom off into the sunset. Carbon fiber is incredibly durable and has one of the best strength-to-weight ratios of all wedding ring materials. It’s an incredibly clean, modern look and conflict-free. However, it is conductive and only comes in black. For people wanting carbon fiber rings, though, that’s rarely a dealbreaker.

2. Wood

Two layers of Patagonia not enough to tell the world you like going outside? Put on a wood ring and clank the glass of your IPA with it so everyone knows you’re more prepared for the wilderness than they’ll ever be.

Wood wedding rings are unique and quite eco-friendly, along with being hypoallergenic — meaning most people will be able to wear them without issue. Note that it’s easier to damage wood than metal. If you’re willing to be a little more careful with your ring, this shouldn’t be an issue, though.

3. Sterling Silver

You want something classic-adjacent but not quite classic? We’ve got the answer. Sterling silver is clean, simple and will never go out of style. Sterling gives you the look of silver at an affordable price point. Unlike real silver, though, sterling can tarnish or get scratched. Sterling is a great option for those willing to put in the work to keep it clean.



4. Meteorite

There are few rings cooler than a men’s meteorite ring. Seriously, name something more badass than wearing a meteorite on your finger. Yeah, dinosaur bone is a close second, for sure. You know what’s cooler than that though? Wearing the thing that f*cking killed the dinosaurs.

5. Tungsten

If you demand a lot out of your ring, keep tungsten on your shortlist. Like that 1996 Honda Civic you had in high school, tungsten can take basically anything you throw at it and keep on going. Tungsten won’t bend and is next to impossible to scratch. One thing to note, though, is that tungsten is basically impossible to resize without breaking it. As long as your fingers don’t swell throughout the day, you can wear these comfortably.

6. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has several advantages, especially for buyers shopping on a budget. Stainless steel is on the lower end of the price range but also offers some of the best bang for your buck. It’s low maintenance, durable and has a classic look. If you want something you can just buy once and basically never worry about, stainless steel is the way to go.


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7. Silicone

Whether you want it as your main ring or a backup (or travel) ring, silicone is a great option that’s only increasing in popularity. It’s non-conductive and hypoallergenic, meaning almost anyone can wear it. If you work in the trades, medical field or any other demanding job, silicone is the way to go. While not ornate, you do have several color options to choose from.

8. Titanium

If you want something that stands the test of time, titanium is on the Mount Rushmore of long-lasting wedding ring options. It’s one of the toughest elements in the world, and it resists rust and scratching. If you want something that can withstand everyday life, titanium is up there. While a more expensive option than comparable choices, titanium has a lot going for it, like ease of maintenance and longevity.

There are so many exciting materials on the market, and guys have more choices than ever before when it comes to wedding rings. With so many awesome designs out there, take your time and make sure you find one you’re happy with for the long haul.