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Friday, December 3rd, 2021
Four Common Mistakes Fashion Brands Make At Trade Shows And How To Avoid Them

Four Common Mistakes Fashion Brands Make At Trade Shows And How To Avoid Them

by June 15, 2019 Fashion

Exhibiting at a trade show provides fashion brands with an opportunity to grow and promote their clothing, accessories, or new lines to potential new clients, businesses, and retailers.

However, trade shows are also extremely competitive and an investment of time and resources.

Here are some tips on how your business can achieve the best results possible and avoid making common mistakes.

Exhibiting at the Wrong Show

People are often of the belief that in business you can never have too much exposure. However, when it comes to trade shows it is important to outline your niche and stick with it. If you have a fashion brand that is targeted at a specific demographic, attending a fashion trade show that does not cater to that demographic is unlikely to reap the desired results. Additionally, there is no point in a fashion brand exhibiting at a crafts trade show as the attendees are unlikely to be within the correct target market.

Therefore, research is key. Make sure that you comprehensively understand your niche and choose the correct trade show based on your specific business and who you are targeting.

Overcrowded Exhibit Display

When trying to showcase your products or new lines to potential clients and retailers, it can be tempting to try and display everything all at once. However, this often results in an overcrowded and disorganized exhibit display that will not entice attendees to your booth.

If your display is too busy it can become overwhelming to look at and potential clients will be unable to process all of the information you are trying to communicate. Instead, consider what products and pieces are most relevant to the particular show you are attending and prioritize the related information.

It is important to remember that you can always offer additional information and resources in the form of portfolios or follow-up emails.

 Fashion Brand

Bad Graphics

One of the most common mistakes at trade shows is poor graphic design, or indeed no graphic design effort whatsoever. Graphic design is one of the most effective trade show marketing tools as it can successfully convey your brand story and ethos in a matter of seconds, which is particularly important for fashion brands.

One of the many services that ExpoMarketing provides is trade show display graphic design. ExpoMarketing’s design team can set your brand apart from your competitors by creating eye-catching and enticing graphics within a short period of time.

Not Having Enough Fun

Trade shows are business events and representing your brand in a professional manner is a prerequisite. However, having fun and being professional are not mutually exclusive. Trade shows can sometimes become repetitive for clients who see the same type of exhibits at each show they attend. Having some responsible fun with your approach is a reliable tactic to help make your business memorable for potential new clients and stand out from the crowd.

Engaging with attendees in an active and enjoyable way is a powerful tactic for enticing people to your exhibit.