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Friday, October 22nd, 2021
Refine Your Bridal Look By Following These Makeup Tips From Top Professionals

Refine Your Bridal Look By Following These Makeup Tips From Top Professionals

by July 2, 2019 Fashion Style

Every girl wants to look perfect on the day of her wedding. From gorgeous outfits to the best pieces of jewelry, everything makes up for that stunning look that’ll be adored by all the guests. However, even a small makeup mistake can really shatter one’s dream to look her best on the day of her wedding. Just because we understand your woes, we’re here to help you out with some tips that’ll rescue you from any possible panic attack.

Want to look your best on the day of your wedding? Here are some tips from a famous makeup artist in Pune that’ll help you gain a look that’ll definitely make many heads turn.


Eyeliners are really important to get that cat eye look for the wedding. A black eyeliner may be a good option for all the brides but if you really want to nail your bridal look at your wedding then you can also sport a white eyeliner. Choosing a white liner may be out of your comfort zone but wearing it on the day of your wedding will be one of the most eye-opening looks of the season.


Don’t have those dense looking eyebrows? Don’t worry, as you can make some perfectly natural strokes by using the eyebrow tint pen. Be sure that the strokes are in the same direction as the hair growth and try filling in the gaps as well. This will ensure that you get the dense looking eyebrow look. Another thing that you must take care of is to shape the eyebrow tail perfectly and select a liner that is smudge proof and look absolutely natural.

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Make your skin shine with different hues of highlighters. It is really important to choose the right highlighter for your skin tone. Here are some suggestions that we believe will go really well with some skin tones like a metallic gold is perfect for the darker tones while rose gold will be awesome for the lighter tones.

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Your lips can take your look to an absolutely another level of awesomeness. When you’re going for a perfect look then it becomes really important to follow the right steps. So, when working on the lips you must always start with a lip scrub, it’ll help provide a smooth blank canvas to work upon. Then go ahead and make a base with a lip primer before applying the lipstick of your choice so as to make it long lasting. You can select from a range of glossy, matte, metallic or nude lipstick shades that’ll go great with your attire.

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A foundation provides the base for the makeup and also covers up the fine lines and wrinkles on the face. This provides a smooth base to start working on the makeup. You can choose a foundation according to your skin tone and must start with a clean and moisturized skin followed first by a primer. You must also highlight the features of the face like the cheekbones, jawline, and forehead using a foundation that is two shades above your skin tone and blend it out using a makeup brush.

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Be it the small flaws, acne or maybe some dark spots on the face, concealer will come in really handy. Concealer can be used to conceal the aging spots and to camouflage any imperfections to get perfect looking skin in a given situation. This will be the most essential part of every bridal makeup and must be given proper attention. You can also highlight and add depth using some darker and brighter shades to obtain a transformative look.

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We’re quite sure that these makeup and Beauty tips will ensure that you look breathtaking on your special day. However, the one thing that you must remember while selecting the makeup of your choice, is to balance it out according to the outfit. Don’t try to get overboard otherwise you’ll end up ruining your look.