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Thursday, May 13th, 2021
How Susi Mai Went From An Athlete To An Entrepreneur

How Susi Mai Went From An Athlete To An Entrepreneur

by October 21, 2020 Lifestyle

We’re all lucky that the term entrepreneur started to be an essential part of the business world, and the word businessman is being avoided. The reason for this is that women more and more are taking over what some call it a man’s world.

Susi Mai is a legend. She’s directly responsible for the rise of women entrepreneurs by her actions and dedication to creating a global brand that is recognized and respected. She is now the leading person of the MaiTai Global group that is working for the environment. See more about women entrepreneurs here.

It wasn’t always like this for her. She used to be an athlete active in kitesurfing. Back in 2003, she got the Red Bull award Red Bull Queen of the Air, which is considered the highest achievement in the world of kitesurfing. She’s a well-known, recognized, and famous athlete. She even gives surfing classes to Elon Musk.

However, since 2007 she’s the co-founder of MaiTai Global. It is a non-profit organization structured by athletes and entrepreneurs who combine their abilities, strength, and achievement for the greater good. Since kitesurfing is a sport happening in the water, it was only logical for these guys to do something about preserving this part of the environment.

The organization takes care of the oceans. They do everything in their power to raise funds and redirect them to the right places. Susi Mai is the leading face of the organization doing everything she can to convince people to take more care of the environment.

Why The Oceans Need Saving?

Even though oceans are vast, the human population is a matching threat. Everything that we consume daily is a product of the manufacturing process coming from various types of factories. These factories create so much waste. All of it goes directly into the oceans one way or another.

All this waste is pure pollution. Fish and everything living in the oceans is dying because of it. Some might say that there’s no other way, but this is not true. All factories can do something about this problem. The only issue is that this isn’t profitable for them.

Agriculture is also a problem. All the pesticides being used for farming are going into the soil, which ends up in oceans. Then, there’s the air pollution ending up in the oceans. Then, there’s over-fishing. According to the UN, 31.4% of the entire fish population has been fished to capacity. This is a huge problem.

All these reasons urged Susi Mai to try and find a solution. She and her team are working around the clock to do something about it. The constant polluting of the rich wanders in the oceans around the globe must stop.

How Can We Help?

There are more things we can all do as individuals to help Susi fight off this battle. One of these things is conserving water. Just one showering per person can make a tremendous difference between having clean oceans and polluted.

Recycling and reusing too are great ways of contributing to the cause. If we select the trash and not let everything go into the same dumpster, we can stop the soil from soaking up with tons of chemicals and disastrous materials.


Use less energy. You might be wondering how this is connected to the safety of the oceans. Well, it is. Everything’s connected in a circle. When you waste too much energy, the power plant needs to work more for providing this energy. That means it pollutes the environment in many ways. Oceans are the last destination of every byproduct coming from humans.

If everyone reduces energy use, the factories won’t need to work so much, and the oceans will be safer. Learn in more details about the dangers on this link:


If you want to join Susi Mai in her quest, you now know what to do. Even if you don’t, it’s great to know how one of the modern fighters for our general well-being is doing their best to save the oceans.

She, as an athlete, is normal to be worried about the future of the oceans. She grew up on the ocean’s waves, and this is her first and true love.