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Sunday, August 1st, 2021
Should You Build Your Own Engagement Ring with Your Partner?

Should You Build Your Own Engagement Ring with Your Partner?

by October 7, 2020 Collectible Jewelry

A modern trend in weddings is couples designing an engagement ring together. There are a number of reasons why it makes sense to build your own engagement ring with your partner. If you are going to be spending your life together, shopping for this purchase together can set up a good foundation for your future relationship.

Take Out the Guessing Game

It’s possible that one partner just may have more knowledge when it comes to the jewelry industry, such as the 4 C’s and picking out a ring. Even if that is not the case, it can be hard to pick out something blindly when you have only been guided with some subtle hints or clues. An engagement ring is a big purchase and something that a woman is going to be wearing the rest of her life so it makes sense to pick out something she truly loves. When you design together, you can take out the guessing game and spend the money on something that will truly be loved.

Make the Important Decisions Together

Even though some worry that designing a ring together will take away the surprise and romance of the proposal, being involved in the decision-making process can actually be romantic. Making decisions together and discussing your options can set you up for a great life of communication. Since this is such an important decision you may also be able to ease the stress on your partner so there is no second-guessing the decision.

How to Design your Own Engagement Ring - Popist How to Design your Own Engagement Ring

Design a Ring That Is Meaningful

A custom ring that you are building together is going to be the perfect way to express your relationship. You may choose to use stones that have special meanings to your partner or even a family heirloom. This can help make the story of your engagement even more special.

You Can Still Be Surprised

Even if you are involved in the design process, you don’t actually know what the final product is going to be. Yes, you do imagine the design but since your ring may be completely unique and not like something you have seen before then you can still be in the dark. The proposal may also be a complete surprise so the first time you are seeing the ring can be after a very special moment that you are sure to remember for the rest of your life. Being involved in the ring process won’t make your engagement story any less special just because you already knew about the ring. This can almost be compared to a first look photoshoot during your wedding ceremony. Just because you have seen each other already on the big day doesn’t mean the moment you walk down the aisle is going to be less memorable.

Many people think the process to build your own engagement ring costs more and is more time consuming but that is not the case. When you work together to design the ring, you can make sure that it’s perfect in every way.