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Sunday, September 19th, 2021
How to Wear Sunglasses Chains and Look Fabulous

How to Wear Sunglasses Chains and Look Fabulous


We can feel it, summer is almost here and that means protecting your eyes from the sun with sun hats and sunglasses. If you’ve seen sunglasses chains, you probably think they’re a great idea, but how do you wear them and not look like your 80-year old grandma?

The good news is that they are all the rage this year and the even better news is we’re going to tell you how to wear them so you look and feel fabulous.

Wear at the Front of your Glasses

If you want your accessories to provide a ‘pop’ of attention or fun, wear your sunglass chains at the front of your glasses – the front of the arm. This way they drape down the side of your face and over the back of your neck. This gives you another accessory in your outfit – much like wearing a necklace around your neck. 

Wear at the Back of your Glasses

If you want a chain that’s less obvious, but still adds a little sparkle to your outfit, and of course, holds your glasses, wear the chain at the back of your glasses. Let it drape down your back, so when you take your glasses off, they wrap around your neck and don’t fall.

Pair a Neutral Sunglasses Chain with Bright Sunglasses

If you love bright sunnies, pair them with a neutral sunglasses chain so you don’t take away from the fun of your sunglasses. We love white sunglasses with big rims – they scream summer and are super trendy for any skin tone. Since we don’t want to take the attention away from the glasses, but we also don’t want to lose our glasses, we use the chain to keep them around our neck.

Pair a Bold Chain with Neutral Sunglasses

If you’d rather keep your sunglasses modest, have a little fun with a bold chain. The chain can make the sunglasses a little more ‘fun’ while giving you the best of both worlds. We like to use a chain on our favorite brand-name sunglasses because we certainly don’t want to lose them and a bold chain makes them even more fun!

Find One in your Favorite Color

To make sure you wear your sunglasses on a chain, buy one in your favorite color. You’re bound to want to wear it when you know it matches your outfits or adds a pop of color to your outfit. Plus, if you can say goodbye to losing your favorite sunglasses, it’s something you’ll want to have too.

Sunglass Chains are for Everyone

If you’ve watched the celebrities at all in the last year, you’ve seen them with sunglasses chain. They aren’t just something our grandparents wear anymore – everyone is wearing them and not just with sunglasses. They are great for glasses too.

If you’re like us, we all wear blue light glasses – the time spent on the computer and our phone has been hard on our eyes! Blue light glasses save the day, but what doesn’t save it is constantly searching for the glasses.

Chains, whether for sunglasses or regular glasses are a great way to keep those pesky blue light glasses on us so we aren’t looking around for them all the time.

Get your Sunglass Chains

Stop losing your sunglasses and wear one of the latest trends available today. Sunglass chains are trendy, helpful, and a great way to add to any outfit.

When you think of accessories, you probably think of hair accessories or jewelry, but this year it’s all about the sunglasses. As we all try to spend more time outside to lower the risk of spreading COVID, you’ll be wearing sunglasses more often. Take advantage of the ability to keep them on you and you’ll save money since you won’t have to buy new sunglasses all the time. It’s a win-win situation.