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Thursday, October 21st, 2021
How Trendy Hair Accessories Make an Outfit Pop

How Trendy Hair Accessories Make an Outfit Pop


Trendy hair accessories are popular this year. Maybe it’s because 2020 was so stressful and boring for most of us, that we’re all looking for ways to go ALL OUT this year.

No matter the reason you’re ready to break out of the norm, there are plenty of hair accessories that will make your outfit pop, whether it’s a comfy outfit for running errands or you’re finally going out on a date night or night on the town.

Here’s how simple hair accessories can make all the difference.

They Add Color

Are you looking to make a bold statement but maybe don’t want to wear bold colors in your outfit? Get as loud and proud with your hair accessories as you want. A fun colored clip or barrette is a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit without feeling like you have to bring attention to yourself with the colors you’re wearing.

Leopard Print Adds an Element of Fun

Leopard print anything screams ‘trendy’ and ‘fun.’ If you have a neutral outfit on, think about accessorizing your hair with leopard print accessories. Not only will you put a smile on your face every time you look in the mirror, but you’ll add a bit of excitement and fun to your outfit.

Match your Hair Accessories to your Makeup

Do you love fun makeup? Why not match your hair accessories to the color of your makeup? For example, if you love dramatic eye shadow colors and eyeliners, match your hair accessories to those colors to bring it all together.

Not only will you have beautiful makeup, but your hair will sync right along with the look, giving you a trendy and fun look this year.

Add Some Fun to a Boring Ponytail

We get it, sometimes you have to dress professionally and look put together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your outfit pop with a fun hair accessory in your ponytail. Even if you have to wear neutral and professional clothing to work, give yourself a reason to smile when you look in the mirror and see a hair accessory adding that pop of color and a bit of personality to your outfit.

Make Neutral Colors more Fun

There’s nothing fun about neutral colors, yet we all wear them more often than bright, fun colors. If you have more of a muted style, consider trendy hair accessories to bring out the fun.

A cute hair tie, hair clip, or ponytail holder in a fun color can make all the difference in your outfit. It may not seem like it, but try it even once and see how different you feel.

Style your Hair with Trendy Hair Accessories

If you aren’t sure how to do your hair or you’re tired of the same ‘down’ hairstyle that is so last year, try new hair accessories.

Play with the different clips and hair ties to see what you can create with your hair. You may be surprised to learn how much a ponytail, swept up twist, or cute braids with hair clips can change the look of an outfit.

Use Hair Accessories to Accentuate your Face

The right hair accessories can even accentuate your face. Use a large clip to hold your hair back and now you can see your entire face. Create your dramatic look with makeup that you love and you just created a whole new look using hair accessories.

Have Fun with your Hair Accessories

This year, make a pact with yourself to have fun and to break out of the old routine. This year is a year of exploration, safety, and fun. Explore yourself – your likes and dislikes and see how much fun you can have with different hair accessories. Whether your outfits need a pop of color, your neutral outfits need some excitement, or you just need a reason to smile when you look in the mirror, hair accessories are the way to make it happen.